Read to Children

Tips for Reading to Your Child

Tips for Reading to Your Child

from Penfield Children

Tips for reading to your child.

Reading to your child may be the most important thing you can do. And you can never start too early. Lots of moms and dads even start reading to their baby in the months before they’re born.

Whether you start before or after they’re born, get started. Studies have shown the earlier you start the better their grades will be in years to come. With infants you can start with simple picture books and board books. It’s not the words that are important at this point, it’s the story. As you read the pictures to your child, you can create a terrific learning environment and start them on the road to reading.

Said the mother bear to her child, “I love you as much as the forest has trees”

There’s a baby bear!

Reading is also your chance to be a star. Being animated and using different voices as you read is fun for you and your child. You get to act and interact as you read. As your child gets older you can let him turn the pages as you read. And then you can start to ask him what the book says, because even if he can’t read the words he can read the picture. This time together reading is a great way to interact and engage with your child, which is vital for her development.

And you don’t have to spend anything to do this. Libraries, friends, hospitals and daycare centers have books they’ll either give you or lend to you that are appropriate for your child’s age. A library card will open up a world of books for children of any age and going to pick out books will set a great example for your child to follow as he or she gets older. Setting aside ten minutes alone with your child to read might be the only time during the day where you really talk. So postpone the dishes and the housework, put away your cell phone and the computer and just spends those few moments reading with your child, you’ll both be better off.