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Parenting Tips – How To Teach A Child To Read

Parenting Tips – How To Teach A Child To Read

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Parents always ask other some tips for teaching my child how to read. There are a couple of things that are really, really important. Reading is both understanding the words as well as being able to pull the words of the page. To understand words probably the most important thing that parents can do is read to their children and talk about what they’re reading.
Even the simplest of children’s books have wonderful rich language in them and that’s how children’s vocabulary grows is when their parents read to them from a very early age through adolescence.
Learning how to read individual words can really be enhanced by playing games with sounds. So rhyming is a wonderful thing to do. A children’s games like a pig latin are wonderful ways of teaching children how to play with sounds in words. So those are some things that parents know how to do and enjoy doing and as many times as you can have fun around the active reading with your child the more they’re going to love reading and the more they’re going to enjoy it and move towards it.



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