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Children’s Books ages 6 and up

Children’s Books ages 4-8

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Children’s Books ages 4-8

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The Blue Princess

Kalia was called the Blue Princess because she loved the color blue. The king had only one wish as he got older and that was to see his daughter married. She didn’t want to get married so she told her father that when a man brought her a blue dog then she would marry that man.

The Tiger, the Peasant and the Dog

A tiger is trapped in a cage and begs a peasant boy to let him out. The peasant refuses for fear he will be eaten. The tiger cries and the peasant has a change of heart. The minute he is released the Tiger pounces on the peasant. The peasant begs for his life. He is given one chance at freedom.

★★★★★ My daughter said “I like the book, dad” and she’s NOT a reader. So, for her, that’s practically like inviting the author over for tea and a sleepover! Well done! – P. Repage, physician in NYC

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 stories 2A Colorful Argument

The first story involves a far away magical world where all of the colors are arguing about which color is the best. They can’t seem to agree, so they consult the wise Unicorn…

The Drawing

The Drawing elaborates on the message of the first story and shows what a wonderful thing all the colors working together can create.

★★★★★ Little ones will love the magical world of colors, and parents will appreciate the wisdom it imparts. – Sherry Ellis

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stories 3The Prince and the Magic Oranges

“The Prince and the Magic Oranges,” is about a young witch named Melinda. A prince has refused to marry her, so she casts a spell upon him where he will never, ever, smile or laugh again. The prince is advised by his father to go into the forest and seek the fairy who lives there. The fairy finds the sad prince and tells him he must locate the three magical oranges in a cave far away, guarded by pumas (cougars).

The Magic Wand

“The Magic Wand,” is again another mystical story about a knight returning home from the battlefield when he meets a strange woman, who must be a witch. She tells him where he can find money inside a hollow tree. The only thing the woman wants in return is an old wand which her grandmother forgot the last time she went into the tree.

★★★★★ A pair of stories with witches, beautiful princesses, knights, magic, and bears. Exactly the sort of tales young children will love. – Randy Johnson

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stories 4Princess Bellisima

Princess Bellisma, 15 years old, lives with her mother, Queen Sarah, in the Kingdom of Kindall. Knight William tells the Queen Sarah that a dragon is approaching the castle and wants to move her and Bellisma to safety. Suddenly Sorcerer Malrick appears in the room and tells them it is his dragon approaching. No harm will come if he is granted marriage to Bellisma in five years, when she becomes 20 years old.

Alicia and the Wolf

Alicia learns about her grandmother’s illness. She fills a basket of food to deliver to her. Her mom tells her to go swiftly and not to linger along the way as her trip takes her through the woods where grandma lives in a small cottage. After walking for sometime, Alicia fears she’s being watched. She sees nothing to fear, but she hears the howling of a wolf. Suddenly she comes across a bandit obstructing her path.

★★★★★ The stories are charming, illustrated with beautiful photographs of the animals and the people involved and together they make perfect bedtime stories for children. – Grady Harp

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stories 5

Snow White and the Queen

In this version Snow White is taken far north by a servant and dumped in the snow to freeze. The Snow Fairy sends a mother polar bear and her two cubs to rescue her. The king is saddened when his wife tells him his daughter has run away. Many years later, the King sends out eligible princes to find Snow White, promising them her hand in marriage.

The Magician

The Magician is the story of the poor man looking for a place to rest on his journey on a cold night. He’s denied refuge by the rich man, but not by a poor man. The next morning, the traveler was so thankful to the husband and wife, he said, “Make three wishes and I will make them come true!”

★★★★★ These short stories are very enjoyable and have good virtues to be learned by youngsters. They are very well written and I highly recommend these stories and other stories written by the same author. – Nancy L. Silk

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 stories 6Lily and the Prince

“Lily and the Prince” is the story of a mother, named Helen, and her daughter, Rebecca, who were very rich ladies. Helen was so greedy she adopted a girl named Lily to do all of the work. Helen decided her daughter should marry the Prince. Every day they went to town to look for him. One day the Prince stopped by Lily’s house. He had a problem with his horse. Lily fixed up the horse. The Prince was so impressed he asked to come back the next day. This continued for a long time. They fell in love. One day, Lily’s mother came home early and when the Prince said he was going to marry Lily, Helen cast a spell on the Prince to stop the marriage..

The Princess and the Frog

“The Princess and the Frog” is the story of a beautiful princess who liked to sit by a lake and read the inscription inside the ring her father had given her. One day the ring fell into the lake. A frog offered to dive down and get it if she would let him be her companion.

★★★★★ Two stories that will touch your heart. Great grandkids loved them both. They wanted me to read it every night during their visit. – Dexter Don

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stories 7Princess Shazana

Princess Shazana lives in a beautiful castle filled with jewels. A neighboring King wants to marry her and sends Charles to convince Shazana to marry him. The Princess is not quick to take up the King’s offer and sends Charles on what appears to be three impossible missions.

The Three Brothers and the Princess

There is a king with three sons: Leopold, Philip, and James. Leopold is in love with Princess Amelia. Leopold asks the assistance of his brothers to find a rare, beautiful gift he can present to the King, the princess’s father. He hopes the King will grant permission to marry his daughter. But will the treasures satisfy the King?

★★★★★ Both stories are fun to read and I have always liked princess fairy tales as far back as I can remember and I am so happy to have these new ones in my library. New stories like these ones are really awesome. – Caroline (nine years old)

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stories 8The Magic Lamp

A young merchant, Rasik, finds a beggar in the street and takes him home where he feeds him and allows him to sleep in his bed. He learns the man lost everything searching for a treasure from a map he had bought. Now all he wants is to go home. Rasik buys the map and helps the man get back home. The merchant looks for the treasure and finds a chest with a magic lamp inside. What will he wish for?

The Dog and the Magician

Kanak is a small dog chased by bigger dogs. He is welcomed into a bakers shop with the hope that Kanak’s owner will find him. Kanak helps the baker by finding fake coins people try to give him. One day a young woman enters. She buys bread and the dog points out the fake coin. The woman motions for Kanak to follow her. She is a magician. What has she discovered about Kanak?

★★★★★ Great stories! I really liked the characters, the plot and the author’s writing style in this book. When I read it to my little girl she immediately loved the stories too. – Andrii

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stories 9

The Musician and the Princess

Albert is a musician. He plays for the King and has fallen in love with Sara, the King’s daughter. Albert wants to marry her, but the King says he must do three tasks in order to gain her hand!. What the King didn’t know is that Albert is friends with the animals in the forest.

Alicia and the Unicorn

This story also features a King and a Princess. In this one, it is King Richard and his daughter, Princess Alicia. Alicia’s birthday is coming soon and when asked what she wanted she replied “A Unicorn!”.

★★★★★ My girls loved the stories! Initially I got this book and introduced it to my 2 girls, they’re 6 and 5. As we read on about the animals and knights, my son got interested too. – Zachary Francis

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