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In 1983, François Bissonnette, created the early versions of the Zirons. But it was not until 1998, a few years after the birth of his two daughters, that the author published his first book of Zirons.

His little stories involve imagination, realism, surrealism, and magic and are bound to be favorites of children throughout the world.

In his Stories for Children books the fantasies are accompanied by richly colored photographs of models in costumes to match the story – a new and welcome addition to the quality of the book. François Bissonnette’s retelling of ancient tales and invention of new ones is delightful, and he tells tales that are just the kind that children enjoy.

In his Zirons children’s books series François introduces many learning events for the young reader- shapes, imagination, healthy eating, friendship, community and love. The illustrations are cute, imaginative and colorful. A wonderful series to spark imaginations in young children.

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